Welcome to the site with the best sister quotes on the web! Here you will find only the best quotes about sisters so whether you love or hate your sister we'll have the quote for you.

For those that don't have a sister...we can't make one for you but you might enjoy these quotes anyway!

For those that do you will probably be able to relate to these quotes about the many facets of being sisters or siblings.

You can't change who your sisters are so you may as well get used to them and enjoy their company!

Bringing The Best

Only the top 50 sisters quotes are on this site. We've kept the best and ditched the rest. Time is precious.

We have the sisterhood quotes that you probably live by without even realising so.

We have the sister sayings that will make you nod in agreement about how annoying sisters can be.

We also have the quotes about sisterhood that make you realize how lucky you actually are to have a sister.

Pass Them On

You can pass one of these quotes onto your sister and they might just make her laugh.

Or she might just tell you to stop bothering her and to go away.

Also you might notice that she's stolen your favourite CD from your collection when you notice the blank space where it usually is.

And she had no intention of telling you if you hadn't found out yourself.

Get It Back

So get your CD back, take some deep breaths to calm yourself and then enjoy the quotes we have lined up for you here.

After you've read them you'll realize that you do love your sister after all even though just a minute ago she was driving you crazy.

Maybe tell her you love her one day or today if you're feeling brave.

So here are the best sister quotes ever for all those with sisters out there to enjoy.

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